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N A I N I    S A H Y O G

Banks retail lending scheme for financing to salaried/ pensioners of state govt. and other institutions/ categories of borrowers.

For Salaried employee:
An amount equal to fifteen times of net take home monthly salary/salary credited to his a/c subject to maximum of Rs.3,00,000/-


For pensioners:
An amount equal to ten times of monthly pension credited/remitted to the account of pensioner subject to a maximum amount Rs.50,000/-(including ex-staff of Nainital Bank Limited.) 


For Insurance Agents:
An amount equal to average commission received during last two financial years subject to maximum Rs.2.00lac.


Other Category i.e. Businessman etc.:
For Doctors & C.A. An amount equal to two times of average returned income of last two years subject to maximum Rs.3.00lac
Others - An amount equal to two times of average returned income of last two years  subject to maximum  Rs.2.00lac.

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A P N A   A S H I Y A N A

The scheme is formed with the objective to solve the problem of housing by providing Housing Credit to the eligible constituents.

 Repayment schedule:
Repayment period will not exceed 20 years excluding moratorium period of 18 months maximum from the date of first disbursement of housing loan or six months after completion of the construction of house, whichever is earlier (in case of purchase of land/construction of house).  In case of loan for ready built house/flat, the repayment should start after three months from the date of disbursement. If the house/flat is purchased from Society/Builder/Development Authority, the repayment may be started after taking possession/execution of sale deed/18 months, whichever is earlier.


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N A I N I   H E A L T H   C A R E

This scheme is for practicing doctors for establishing their own nursing homes, clinics, health centres and pathology laboratories.


Nature & amount of facility:

Term Loan- 85% of the cost of the project/asset being created or 10 times of cash accruals of Last Fianacial Year (In case of new projects on the basis of realistic/acceptable projections) or Rs.200.00lacs, whichever is less subject to repaying capacity and DSCR as per Loan Policy Document of the bank. The loan for purchase of land should not exceed 25% of amount of loan. However the cost of stamp paper may be fully considered in addition to this ceiling.


Cash Credit (Hypo)-75% of the cost of stock of medicine (limit to be assessed on the basis of average stocks of twelve months incase of existing concerns/based on realistic projected level of average stocks in case of new accounts, subject to a maximum of Rs. 10.00 Lacs)


Overdraft Two months running expenses


All individuals, firms, companies, regd. co-operative societies engaged in lawful trading of goods & commodities atleast for last one year are eligible for this scheme.



20% of accepted projected sales subject to verification of sales tax returns of previous years or 60% of value of collateral security subject to maximum Rs. 100 lac whichever is less (LIC/KVP/NSC/TDR margin  15%).


WCTL may be allowed upto   20% (Max. Rs. 10.00 lac) of total assessed WC and 80% as CC.

Riding your own vehicle is really a passion. So feel it with Nainital Bank's Suhana Safar scheme.


Opportunity to purchase four wheeler for personal use and to repay the loan of other finance companies/ banks/financial institutions.

for new vehicle Rs. 25.00 lac (upto 90% of the cost)

for old vehicle 10.00 lac (upto 65% of the valued cost)


Capital intensive scheme with back-ended subsidy provided by NHB as well as Govt. of U.K.

Objective: - 1. To extend finance for horticultural  projects.   

             2. To provide financial assistance to infrastructure development in horticultural activities.

Eligibility: - All individuals, farmers, Group of Farmers, SHGs, Companies and partnership Firms who are interested in running Horticultural projects approved by NHB.

Type Of Advance: - Term Loan.

Rate of Interest: - As per Bank instructions. Presently as given below:-


Loan Amount

Present Rates

Up to Rs 50,000.00

2.5% below PLR

Above Rs50,000.00 and up to Rs 2,00,000.00

1.5% below PLR

Above Rs 2,00,000.00

1.00 % below PLR

 Quantum of Loan: - As per project report submitted by borrower.

 Minimum:- (1)      25% of project cost for project up to 30 lac.

(2)      40% of project cost for the project cost more then 30 lac.

 Maximum:-           No upper limit fixed for the projects

Security: - (1) Primary security with Registered mortgage of Ag. Land on which activity carried out for               

                   (2)   Collateral security.                                                               

                  (3) Personal Guarantee of two persons with sufficient worth. 

 Repayment: - Repayment in Maximum 10 years.


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