Bank's Profile :

The Nainital Bank Limited was established in the year 1922 with the objective to cater banking needs of the people of the region. In the year 1973, Reserve Bank of India directed Bank of Baroda, a premier nationalized bank, to manage the affairs of the Nainital Bank Limited.

At Present, The Bank is having 168 branches operating in five states i.e. Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan

All the branches of the Bank are operating in CBS platform. Bank is also providing RTGS, NEFT, SMS Alerts, RuPay ATM cum Debit Card, NainiNet Internet Banking and Mobile Banking facilities to its customers.

The total business of the Bank was Rs. 12,265.52 crore as on 30/06/2023 against 11,525.49 as on 30/06/2022.

Total Advances of the Bank Stood at Rs. 4,658.42 Crores as on 30/06/2023.

Total Deposit of the Bank Stood at Rs. 7,607.10 Crores as on 30/06/2023.

CASA Deposit of the Bank Stood at Rs. 3015.27 Crores as on 30/06/2023 against Rs. 2902.68 Crores as on 30/06/2022.

CD Ratio of the Bank improved to 61.24% as on 30/06/2023 against 58.28% as on 30/06/2022.

NIM improved to 3.74% as on 30/06/2023 against 2.91% as on 30/06/2022.

CRAR stood at 16.55% as on 30/06/2023 against 14.10% as on 30/06/2022.

The Operating profit of the Bank is Rs.44.30 crore.

The Net NPA stood at 1.74% as on 30/06/2023 against 3.81% as on 30/06/2022.

Nainital Bank is a customer centric bank and provides prompt and personalized services to its customers in the latest technological environment.