Do's and Don't


  • Use latest version of antivirus/personal firewall on your system to access the account
  • Always use onscreen “keypad” to log into your account when not using trusted system
  • Create long, unique and hard to guess password
  • Access your bank’s website by manually typing its URL in the address bar
  • Install software and application only from trusted and official sources.
  • While giving away any personal and financial information on any website check its URL begins with ‘https’ which indicates that the connection is secure
  • Always logout to terminate your session, instead of closing the browser directly


  • Do not reveal password over phone/e-mail etc. to any person including bank
  • Do not use public network/computer to access your account
  • Do not click any links in e-mail to access your bank’s website
  • Never keep the same password for several online account
  • Do not save your user name and password even in your personal device
  • Never let anyone know your PINs or passwords, do not write them down