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Naini Health Care For Doctors
Nature & Amount Of Facility :




Term Loan : Need based finance as per the project, subject to economic viability of the same and projection    of realistic income to service the debt..
Maximum of Rs. 400 Lacs
Cash Credit (Hypo) : 75% of the cost of stock of medicine (limit to be assessed on the basis of average stocks of twelve months incase of existing concerns/based on realistic projected level of average stocks in case of new accounts, subject to maximum of Rs.10.00lacs).
  : Loan for purchase of land should not exceed 15% of total loan amount.
Overdraft :

Maximum of Rs 50 Lacs
  20% of annual projected revenue based on last years’ receipt subject to availability of prime
  security with requisite margin.

  : Total amount of facility should not exceed of Rs450.00 Lacs
Margin :
  1. For purchase of Land or Building – 50%.
  2. For equipments, machineries, vehicles, etc.– 20%
  3. Mortgage of Immovable property – 25%
  4. Construction building – 30%,
  5. Bank approved Liquid securities – 15%
Rate of Interest :

Up to 100 Lacs                

More than 100 Lacs

Base Rate+1.25%          

Base Rate+1.75%

Over Draft : Base Rate+1.75%
  : *The concession of 0.10% will be allowed if at least one female qualified doctor borrower/ Coborrower/ Partners/ Promoters in the loan faculty.
Period of loan
Term Loan:


The repayment of TL shall be fixed on the basis of income generation of the project and the period of Loan should not exceed 120 Months including moratorium period up to 18 months maximum based on the project.

Overdraft: : Overdraft Limits to be renewed once in 12 months.*The interest applied during moratorium period may be capitalized and loan amount with interest repaid in Equated / Progressive installments depending upon cash accruals of the project.

Prime Security :
Term Loan


Assets financed by the Bank.
Overdraft: :

Mortgage of unencumbered Immovable Property* (i.e. Non-agricultural) The residual value of
property after adjusting margin mortgaged as prime security against Term Loan of the borrower

for the same project may also be taken as security for the OD facility.

And / Or
Bank approved liquid securities like Bank’s Own term deposit/NSC**/LIC policy**/etc in the name of Borrower/Third person who will extend his/her personal guarantee.
* The value of immovable property to be taken as per the valuation policy of our Bank.
* The residual value of property mortgaged as prime security against existing facility of the borrower for the same project may also be taken as security for the OD facility. In such case residual value of the property will be considered after adjusting margin of the existing facility.
** Only Surrender Value of LIC policy/ies/Face Value of NSC’s shall be taken into account.

 If property is owned by Borrower/Third person who will extend his/her personal guarantee.

Collateral Security : Upto Rs.10.00lacs – NIL
Above Rs.10.00lacs– Equitable mortgage of immovable property valuing not less than the amount of loan. If the prime security is in the form of equitable mortgage/cash security and value of the security covers the full amount of advance, the collateral security may be waived by the sanctioning authority. Duly discharged NSCs etc. and/or Term deposits of our Bank may also be accepted as collateral security. The value of property is to be accepted as per valuation policy of the bank
Guarantee : Personal Guarantee of two persons (Preferably by Doctors) having a minimum worth equal to Loan amount

Further, where third party’s property is offered as collateral security, he/she should stand as guarantor.