Naini Udhyog Prasar Scheme


For construction of unit’s building and purchase/installation of plant, machinery & equipments.

To meet the working capital requirement.

Finance for commercial vehicle or other vehicle in the name of the Unit.


Takeover of existing credit facilities from other banks/FIs.


The scheme is available to cover credit facilities to all eligible MSEs (Manufacturing & Services)

Age :

Not Applicable

Maximum Amount of Finance :


Margin :

Nil to 25% depending upon type of credit facility.

Features :

Credit Facility in form of Demand/Term Loan/ Overdraft/ Bank Guarantee.

Repayment period of 84months for term loans and 12months for CC/OD/BG(subject to annual review).

NO Collateral security required for credit facility upto Rs.10.00Lakh with third party guarantee (mandatory)

No Processing charges for credit facility upto Rs.2.00Lakh.

No Pre-payment/Pre-closure Charges shall be levied if repaid from own sources or internal cash accruals.

Additional concession of 0.25% will be allowed to the women beneficiaries’ .