Current Account

Nainital Bank provide convenience to the businessman client through Current accounts, hence they tend not to bear interest. Instead, a customer can deposit or withdraw any amount of money any number of times, subject to availability of funds.


Any Resident Individual - Single Accounts, Two or more individuals - Joint Accounts, Sole Proprietary Concerns, Partnership Firms, Illiterate Persons, Visually impaired Persons, Minors (account to be operated by Guardian), Limited Companies, Associations, Clubs, Societies,etc.

Trusts, Joint Hindu families (accounts of non-trading nature only), Municipalities, Government and Quasi-Government Bodies, Panchayats

Religious Institutions

Educational Institutions (including Universities).

Charitable Institutions.

Terms and Conditions :

The Bank requires a satisfactory introduction of the person/s opening the account by a person acceptable to the Bank.

The Bank is required to obtain two recent photographs of the person/s opening / operating the account, as per R B I directives.

Minimum balance as stipulated from time to time will be required to be maintained.

No interest is paid on credit balances kept in current account.

Service charges are levied for Ledger folio used, Cheque books issued, Non-maintenance of minimum balance, Return of cheques etc.

As per RBI directive, the applicant (i.e. account opener) should declare in the account opening form or separately that he is not enjoying any credit facility with any Bank and if he does enjoy any facility / facilities, he should declare full particulars thereof indicating the name of the bank and name of the branch wherefrom he has availed these facilities.

Other Benefits :

Overdraft facility.

Transfer of accounts between our wide network of branches.

Nomination Facility - Available.

Low minimum balance requirements.