Vyapar Suvidha (Loan For Traders)


For working capital requirement and for acquiring/purchasing assets i.e. fixtures & furniture, office equipment etc. to be used in the business.


All individuals, firms, companies, Regd. co-operative societies engaged in lawful trading of goods & commodities at least for last Two year from the date of registration

Age :

Not Applicable

Maximum Amount of Finance :


Margin :

15% on the surrender value of Life Insurance Policies, Face Value of Bank's own TDR's/ NSC's/KVP's/IVP's .

40% on the realizable value of Immovable property (Agricultural land not to be taken as security).

Features :

Credit Facility in form of term loan/working capital term loan or overdraft.

No personal guarantee is required.

Repayment period of 84months for term loans and 12months for overdraft(subject to annual review)