Gyani (Education Loan)


To provide financial support to deserving students to pursue studies for Professional & Technical courses in India and abroad.


The student should be an Indian National.

Age :

Not Applicable

Maximum Amount of Finance :

Rs.75.00Lakh (Depending upon Course & Place of Study)

Margin :

For Loans Up to Rs.4.00 Lakh: 05%

For Loans above Rs.4.00 Lakh: 15%

Features :

Concession of 0.25% in interest will be available to the wards of Bank’s staff members.

Concession of 0.25% to 0.50% depending upon collateral security coverage.

Repayment period of 10Years for loans upto Rs.7.5Lakh and 15Years for laon above Rs.7.5Lakh.

No processing fee for loan amount upto Rs.10.00Lakh.

No security for loan amount upto Rs.4.00Lakh.

Concessional Rate of Interest for Female Students.