Naini Platinum Plus

Naini Platinum Plus (Recurring Deposit account with flexible installments):

A User-friendly Recurring Deposit Scheme, with flexibility of monthly installment. A user can deposit maximum ten time of principal amount at a time.

Eligibility :

The Scheme is available to Individuals / Institutions / Corporates / Proprietorship / Partnership / Trust / HUF etc.


The customer will have to select the "Core Amount", at the time of opening the account and deposit the same, initially.

Minimum Core Amount is Rs.100/- & Maximum Rs.10,000/-

The period of deposit will be from 15 month to 120 months, in multiple of one month.

Rate of interest on this scheme will be as per the Term Deposit rate applicable for the period.

Interest will be calculated on monthly product basis, for the minimum balance between the 10th & last day of the month and will be credited quarterly.

Premature closure is allowed.

Nomination facility is available, like other Deposit Scheme.