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Naini Horticulture

Financing of Horticulture projects approved by National Horticulture Board.

Examples of Projects under the scheme are :

  • Commercial production of fruits.

  • Commercial production of flowers like gerbera, geranium, orchids, roses, vegetables, aromatics and medicinal plants etc. under controlled climatic conditions in Poly houses, Green Houses, Net houses etc.

  • Biotechnology-tissue culture based commercial production of plants.

  • Commercial production of bio-pesticides, bio- fertilizers, organic food.

Rate of Interest :

Upto Rs. 50000.00 : 1.50% over MCLR (Tenure above 2 Year)
Above 50000.00 and
upto Rs. 2 lakh
: 2.50% over MCLR (Tenure above 2 Year)
Above Rs. 200000.00 : 3.00% over MCLR(Tenure above 2 Year)