Policies & Codes

Charges :

When you become a Customer, we will give you upfront details of any charges applicable to the service/ products chosen by you.

You can also find out about our charges by:

  • asking our staff at the branch where you have your account
  • Phoning our branches or
  • looking on our website.

If we increase any of these charges or introduce a new charge, it will be notified effective date/s of the revised charges.

We will tell you the charge for any other service or product before we provide that service or product, and at any time you ask.

Terms And Conditions :

When you become a customer or accept a product for the first time, we will give you the relevant terms and conditions for the service you have asked us to provide.

All written terms and conditions will be fair and will set out your rights and responsibilities clearly and in plain language. We will only use legal or technical language where necessary.

When you become a customer, we will tell you how we will let you know / notify about changes to terms and conditions.

Normally, changes (other than interest rates) will be made with prospective effect. If the changes are to your disadvantage, you may close the account at any time up to 30 days from the date of the notice without having to pay any extra charges or interest for doing this.

Changes in the interest rates on our products (deposits and advances) from time to time will be notified as per the bank’s policy/practice.

Advertising And Marketing :

We will make sure that all advertising and promotional material is clear, fair, reasonable and not misleading.

We will seek your specific consent for giving details of your name and address to any third party including our shareholder/s or any other entities, for marketing purposes.

We would like to provide you with the entire range of financial services products, some of which are our own products while some others are the products of our group/associate/entities or companies with whom we have tie-up arrangements. We will however tell you about our associate / group entities or companies having business tie-up arrangements with us and if you so desire, direct their staff / agents for marketing their products.

Account Operations :

Accounting Pratices / Collection Services

The Bank would provide Statement of Accounts, at regular intervals, unless not found necessary by you. The Pass Book of related accounts shall also be provided to you.

The Bank would notify relevant due dates for application of agreed interest, penal interest, default interest, and charges if they are not mentioned in the loan applications, documents or correspondence.

The Bank would notify in advance any change in accounting practices that would affect the customer, before implementation.

Bank will tell you about clearing cycle, time up to which instruments could be accepted for local clearing and when you can withdraw money after lodging collection.

We will give immediate credit to your account for outstation cheques ledge by you and will allow you to draw against such instrument (s) under collection as per prevailing guidelines. (Presently instrument upto Rs. 15000/- tendered by customer running the account satisfactorily).

We will pay interest on funds involved if collection is delayed the normal period as stipulate RBI.


To help you manage your account and check entries on it, we will give you account statements at regular intervals unless this is not appropriate type of account for the type of account you ahve (like an account where you have a passbook).

We will normally provide you with a statement periodically as per our policy. You can ask us to provide you with account statements more often than is normally available on your type of account, but there may be a charge for this service.

Clearing Cycle / Collection Services

We will tell you about the clearing cycle, including when you can withdraw money after lodging collection instruments and when you will start to earn interest.

We will give immediate credit to your account for outstation cheques lodged by you and will allow you to draw against such instrument(s) under collection as per prevailing RBI guidelines. (Presently instruments up to Rs.15,000/- tendered by customers operating accounts satisfactorily.)

We will pay interest on funds involved if collection is delayed beyond the normal period as stipulated by RBI.

Cash Transactions

You should count notes and ensure correctness before leaving the cash counter.

We will display in all our branches about any type of charges levied for deposit of currency notes packets numbering beyond prescribed packets or about any type of restrictions or facility on acceptance of unsorted, soiled defaced notes etc. However, we shall abide by the prevalent RBI guidelines in this regard.

Avoid writing anything on the face of the notes and co-operate with us by remitting notes in unstapled / unstitched conditions as required under RBI’s clean Note Policy.

Direct debits and standing instructions

We will act upon mandates given by you for direct debits (say ECS) and other standing instructions.

Cheques issued by you

We will keep original cheques paid from your account or copies, for such periods as required by law.

If, within a reasonable period after the entry has been made on your statement, there is a dispute about a cheque paid from your account, we will give you the cheque or a copy as evidence.

We will tell you how we will deal with unpaid cheques and out-of-date (stale) cheques.

Accounts operated/services rendered as agents of Government and RBI (applicable only to banks authorized to handle the business)

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