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Naini Udhyog Prasar for MSE
Period :
Cash Credit : 12 months.
Term Loan / Demand Loan : Maximum 84 months including gestation period maximum of 12 months.

Prime Security :

Fund Based

Hypo. of stock & book-debts.

Hypo. of Plant, Machinery & Equipments & EM of land & building of the unit.

Hypo. of Vehicle financed.

Non Fund Based

BG : Counter Indemnity

LC : Stamped letter of application

Collateral Security :
  • Advances up to Rs.10.00 Lac without collateral security & third party guarantee (mandatory). A/c to be covered under Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme of CGTMSE for Micro & Small Enterprise.
  • Advances up to Rs.100 Lac guaranteed under Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme of CGTMSE for Micro & Small Enterprises (for manufacturing & service enterprises) without collateral security and third party guarantee.
    However Primary security i.e. hypothecation of stock and receivables or charge on Fixed assets to be kept as security. (Please note that apart from Land & Building of the unit purchased/ built out of Bank Finance, existing Land & Building on which the proposed activity will be run will also be considered as Primary Security under CGTMSE Scheme.)
  • In other cases adequate Collateral &/or Third Party Guarantee is asked only in cases where primary security is inadequate or for other reasons and not as a matter of routine.
Margin :

For Working Capital Limit:
Against Stock:-

Upto Rs.2,00,000/- : Nil
Above Rs.2.00 Lac : Minimum 15%

Against eligible Book-Debt i.e. up to 90 days old

Upto Rs.2,00,000/- : Minimum 20%
Above Rs.2.00 Lac : Minimum 25%

Term Loan / Demand Loan

Upto Rs.5,00,000/- : Minimum 15%.
Above Rs.5.00 Lac : Minimum 25%


For Performance BG/LC : Minimum 10% Cash Margin
For Financial BG/LC : Minimum 25% Cash Margin

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