Naini Swabhiman

Financial Inclusion :

Financial inclusion broadens the resource base of the financial system by developing a culture of savings among large segment of rural population and plays its own role in the process of economic development. Further, by bringing low income groups within the perimeter of formal banking sector; financial inclusion protects their financial wealth and other resources in exigent circumstances. Financial inclusion also mitigates the exploitation of vulnerable sections by the usurious money lenders by facilitating easy access to formal credit.

Naini Swabhiman :

Swabhiman is path-breaking initiative by Govt. of India and bank to cover the economic distance between rural and urban India. It promises to bring basic banking services to all unbanked villages in the country. The Swabhiman movement facilitate opening of bank accounts, provide need based credit, remittance facilities and help to promote financial literacy in rural India using various models and technologies including branchless banking models through Business correspondents.


Basic banking services to unbanked villages/rural area.

The movement facilitates opening of banks accounts, provide need-based credit and remittance facilities besides helping in promoting financial literacy in rural India.

The programme is aimed at increasing the demand for credit among the millions of small and marginal farmers and rural artisans who will benefit by having access to banking facilities.

This financial inclusion campaign aims at providing branchless banking services through the use of technology