Apna Ashiana Scheme (Housing Loan)


Construction / Purchase of Residential House/ Flat.

Purchase of Residential Plot of land and Construction of House.

Takeover of Home Loans from other Banks/ HFCs/NBFCs/ FIs etc


All individual/s including staff members of our bank who own in his/her name the land on which the proposed house is to be constructed along with construction plan duly approved/sanctioned by competent authority/body. In case the land on which the proposed house is to be constructed stands in the joint names, all the joint owners should be made co-borrowers. The member of registered group housing society & farmers/agriculturists are also eligible under the scheme.

Age :

Minimum age of the applicant must be 21 years; however the minimum age of the co-applicant/s can be 18 years. Maximum age of 70years for salaried & 75 years for others

Maximum Amount of Finance :


Margin :

10% to 25% depending upon amount of loan

Features :

No Personal Guarantee.

Repayment period of 30years.

The Housing Loan borrowers who avail car loan also may be extended concession of 0.25% on ROI applicable on Car Loan under Suhana Safar Scheme.

No processing & documentation charges till 30.06.2021.