Naini Home TOP-UP Loan (For Existing Housing Loan Customers)


All bona fide purposes


All existing Home Loan Customers having satisfactory conduct of repayment of two years after completion of moratorium period.

Age :

Minimum age of the applicant must be 21 years; however the minimum age of the co-applicant/s can be 18 years. Maximum age of 70years for salaried & 75 years for others

Maximum Amount of Finance :


Margin :

10% to 25% depending upon amount of loan

Features :

Top- Up Loan may be allowed up to the maximum period up to which housing loan can be allowed as per the age limit criteria applicable to the respective category of borrower under Apna Aashiyana.

Top –up Loan can be considered maximum -5- times during entire tenure of housing loan provided previous Top –up facility is closed