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Naini Udhyog Suvidha for MSME


Coverage & Eligibility:

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises– as defined in MSMED Act 2006 engaged in Manufacturing or Service sector (other than Retail Trade) established in the line of business for a minimum period of 2 years and financed/proposed to be financed under sole banking arrangement.
The unit proposed to be financed should preferably be registered with DIC.
The borrowers already availing working capital facility under general finance for the manufacturing/ service can not be financed under the scheme simultaneously; however such borrowers may switch over to this scheme if they otherwise qualify for the same.

Purpose :

For working capital requirement.

Nature of facility :

Over Draft ( Against Land and Building belonging to unit or Promoters of the unit or close relatives viz. father, mother, spouse, son or daughter only, provided they stand as guarantors.

Amt. of facility :

Minimum 15,00,000/( Rs. Fifteen Lac only)
Maximum Rs.2, 00, 00,000/- (Rs. Two Hundred Lac only)

Rate of Interest:

2.00% Over Base rate At present with monthly rest.

Method of assessment of working capital:

The credit limit to be considered as under:

Maximum amount of limit will be lowest of the followings:
20% of accepted projected sales subject to verification of sales tax returns of previous years/quarters
Advance value of collateral (after adjusting of margin)
Rs.2,00,00,000/- (Rs. Two Hundred Lac only).

Margin on collateral security:

On the value of Immovable property (Only Commercial or Residential property to be taken as security) - 40%.

Prime Security:

Hypothecation of stocks.
Hypothecation of Book Debts.
Hypothecation of Assets created out of bank finance.

Collateral Security:

Mortgage of immovable property (Only Commercial or Residential property to be taken as security).
Important:The immovable property proposed to be mortgaged as security must have some construction on it or it must be demarcated by proper boundary wall for easy identification of the property.
One credit facility against one property is to be allowed

Age of Property:

Maximum 25 Years (building). In case the same exceeds 25 years, branch to get the property inspected by the approved architect of the bank and a certificate is obtained regarding soundness and remaining age of the construction (building) from him.


-12- Months, subject to annual review