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Vyapar Suvidha for Traders
Schme For Financing Trading Activity - Vyapar Suvidha

Coverage & Eligibility : All individuals, firms, companies, regd. co-operative societies engaged in lawful trading of goods & commodities at least for last Two year.
Important-Proposals of HUF /HUF as partners and Public Limited Companies are not to be considered.
Purpose : For working capital requirement.


For acquiring/purchasing assets i.e. fixtures & furniture, office equipment etc. to be used in the business.


Non Fund Based Facility-LC, BG
Rate of Interest : 2.00% Over Base rate
Method of assessment
of working capital
: Maximum amount of limit will be lowest of the followings:

20% of accepted projected sales subject to verification of sales tax returns of previous years/quarters.


Advance value of collateral (after adjusting of margin).


Rs.2,00,00,000/- (Rs. Two Hundred Lac only).
Personal Guarantee : No Personal guarantee is required. However if immovable property stands in the name of another person his personal guarantee to be obtained.
Prime Security : Hypothecation of stocks.

Hypothecation of Book Debts.

Hypothecation of Assets created out of bank finance.
Collateral Security : Mortgage of immovable property (but not agricultural land), Face value of NSCs, KVPs, IVPs, and Banks own term deposit and life insurance policy (Surrender value).
Age of Property : Maximum 25 Years (building). In case the same exceeds 25 years, branch to get the property inspected by the approved architect of the bank and a certificate is obtained regarding soundness and remaining age of the construction (building) from him.
Period : For Over Draft

12 months, subject to annual review.

For Loan

Maximum 84 (Eighty Four) EMI depending on the repaying capacity, subject to annual review. The DSCR should be as per LPD of the Bank.
Credit Rating : Credit rating is not linked to pricing of Loan. However Minimum credit rating should be B, while sanctioning/enhancing/reviewing the credit facility. Credit rating should be carried out on the revised enclosed format.
Take over Norms : Current ratio Min-1.17:1

DE ratio Max. 6.00:1

All other takeover norms as prescribed in Loan Policy Document are to be complied with.

Application for Financial Accommodations