Naini Home Improvement Loan


For repair and renovation of existing house property.

Purchase of furniture/Fixtures/furnishings/ other gadgets such as fan/ geysers/ air conditioners/ water filter/ air purifiers/ heaters /desert cooler, etc.


All individual who own in his/her name the house property having value minimum three times of the loan applied. The residual life of the House/Flat to be repaired must be more than the period of loan plus 10 years, report of bank’s approved architect/valuer must be obtained in this regard.

Age :

Minimum age of the applicant must be 21 years; however the minimum age of the co-applicant/s can be 18 years. Maximum age of 70years for salaried & 75 years for others

Maximum Amount of Finance :


Margin :

25% of cost of repair Of House property

Features :

No Personal Guarantee.

Repayment period of 15years.