Mobile Banking Services (NAINI MOBILE)

It is another innovative utility by Nainital Bank for the techno savvy customers. An ordinary mobile phone can make your banking experience more friendly and enjoyable by letting you stay connected with your account at any time. Mobile Banking is independent of the handset model and you can avail this facility from most of the service providers (GSM/CDMA).All that you have to do is to enter simple text messages for operating Mobile Banking.

Now you can send/receive money using mobile number and an additional 7 digit MMID number. The benefits are multiple-

  • No need to register the payee/beneficiary.
  • Transfer of funds is real time i.e. the credit will hit beneficiary’s account almost instantaneously.

Only Mobile Banking customers can remit money under IMPS. However, all customers can receive funds in their accounts using this Service.

If you wish to receive funds through IMPS, please register your mobile number with the Bank and get 7 digits MMID. For receiving remittance, you will share your mobile number and MMID with the person sending money (remitter).

Key Benefits and Features :

IMPS offer an instant, 24X7, interbank electronic fund transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS facilitate customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for accessing their bank accounts and put high interbank fund transfers in a secured manner with immediate confirmation features.

Mobile Banking Keywords :

Mobile Number for Sending message: 9219510023 (Send a message to 9219510023 for respective transaction using the following keywords)

Transaction Keyword :

  1. Non Financial Transaction

    Know your MMID:
    MMID<16 Digit  Account Number >
    Example: MMID XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 Where: 
    XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 - Account Number

    Cancel MMID
    CANCELMMID < 16 Digit Account Number>
    Example: CANCELMMID 
    XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 Where: XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 - Account Number

    Generate MPIN
    GMPIN <MMID>  <16 digit  Account Number> <Validation Data> <New MPIN>  

    *Validation data: Combination of 4 numeric digit of PAN number and 8 digit of DOB
    Example: if PAN Number is ABHPL1967B and Date of Birth (DOB) is 27.12.1982 than validation data will be 196727121982

    Example: GMPIN 9184001 XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 196727121982 1234
    Where: 9184001- MMID, XXXXXXXXXXXX7234- 16 digit Account number, 196727121982- Validation data, 1234 – New MPIN

    Mini statement-IMPS
    ST < 16 Digit Account Number>
    Example: ST
    XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 where XXXXXXXXXXXX7234- Account Number

    Transaction Inquiry - IMPS
    INQ <Ref Number>
    Example: INQ 323111000561 Where 323111000561- Ref No

    Balance Inquiry
    BAL <16 Digit Account Number>
    Example: BAL
    XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 where XXXXXXXXXXXX7234- Account Number

    Mini statement-CBS
    MINI <16 Digit Account Number>
    Example: MINI
    XXXXXXXXXXXX7234 where XXXXXXXXXXXX7234- Account Number

  1. Financial Transaction

    1. P2P (Person to Person)


      IMPS  <Beneficiary Mobile No>  <Beneficiary MMID>  <Transaction Amount>  <MPIN>  <Last 3 digit of Remitter MMID>  < Remark >

      Example: IMPS 9410952051 9002002 2500.00 1234 111 001 abc

      Where: 9410952051- beneficiary mobile no, 9002002- Beneficiary MMID,25000.00-Transaction Amount, 1234- Remitter MPIN, 111- Last 3 digit of Remitter MMID , abc- Remark


    3. P2A (Person to Account)

      IMPS  <Beneficiary Account No>  <Beneficiary IFSC>  <Account Type>  <Transaction Amount>  <MPIN>  <Last 3 digit of Remitter MMID>  < Remark >

      Example: IMPS 11806104498 SBIN0002974 10 2500.00 1234 111 abc

      Where: 11806104498- Beneficiary Account No , SBIN0002974- Beneficiary IFSC
      10- Account type, 25000.00- Transaction Amount, 1234- MPIN 111- Last 3 digit of
      Remitter MMID, abc- Remark

      *Account Type for Saving- 10, for Current-11, for Overdraft- 12, for Cash Credit-13 & for Loan-14

Mobile Banking Help Desk Number & E-mail ID :

Mobile Banking Help Desk TOLL FREE no : 1800- 180 – 4031
Mobile Banking Help Desk Land Line no : 05946 – 250152
Mobile Banking Help Desk E-mail id :

Application Form

FAQs on IMPS for Customers

Participating Banks :

An updated list of participating Banks is available under NPCI website

Unified Payments Interface is a real time inter Bank payment system that allows sending or requesting money. Any UPI based app may be used and multiple bank accounts may be linked to a single app. Money can be sent or requested with the following methods:

  • Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or UPI ID: Send or request money from/to bank account mapped using VPA.
  • Mobile number: Send or request money from/to the bank account mapped using mobile number.
  • Account number & IFSC- Send money to the bank account.
  • QR code: Send money by QR code which has enclosed VPA, Account number and IFSC or Mobile number.

Key Benefits and Features :

  • Instant transfer of fund through Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) which is faster than NEFT.
  • One can use UPI 24 hours and on all public holidays.
  • Single mobile application for accessing multiple bank accounts.
  • Uses Virtual Payment Address which is a unique ID as given by the bank.
  • Uses Account Number with IFS Code and Mobile Number with MMID or Mobile Money Identifier.

UPI- A Secure Platform :

This interface is based on the 2 Factor Authentication with a seamless single click payment. 2 Factor Authentication is quite similar to OTP. Here, MPIN will be used instead of OTP.

Steps to avail UPI facility :

  • Customer needs to be registered for mobile banking (Form available on ) and have a debit card issued for the respective account.
  • Post successful registration customer needs to download NPCI's BHIM UPI mobile application or any other UPI based mobile application like PhonePe, Google Pay, PayTM etc. from Android Play Store or Apple App store depending on whether the phone is Android or iOS based.
  • Customer specifies his choice of SIM which he/she wants to register on a dual sim device (in a single sim device, application automatically fetches the mobile number and proceeds) and thereby an outward encrypted SMS is sent from customer’s phone.
  • The customer logs in to the application & selects the option - “Add a Bank” and selects “Nainital Bank”. The account details of respective Savings and Current Account including Account Number & IFSC registered for that mobile number are returned to the application.
  • The customer selects the respective Nainital Bank account which he/she wants to add to UPI application and links the bank and account number with the virtual id in the format mobilenumber@upi e.g. 1234567890@upi
  • If the user has not setup UPI PIN before in any UPI based application, they can request UPI PIN to be setup during the account adding process using the last 6 digits of Debit Card and its expiry date.

UPI Help Desk Number & E-mail ID:


1800- 180 – 4031

Land Line no :

05946 – 250152

E-mail id :